Crime Matters

Our firm has vast experience in Criminal law and procedures related to it. Our team is well versed with all kinds of criminal trial procedure , bail matters including anticipatory bails. Murder ( 302 IPC ) , Rape ( 376 IPC ) , Grievous hurt ( 326 IPC ), corruption matters ( Prevention of Corruption Act ) are crimes which are on the rise . Criminal breach of trust, Criminal misappropriation of money , cheating, forgery etc are the main types of economic offences for which special wings have been created by the police, CBI and other law and order enforcing agencies. All services relating to anti dowry laws which lead to criminal prosecution of the husband, in-laws etc. is provided by us through highly trained Criminal lawyers in India. We also specialize in Excise matters and murder trials. Our law firm handles Criminal appeals , Criminal revisions , Criminal Misc. Petitions , Suspension of sentence Applications before the High Court and SLP before the Supreme Court Of India .

This is one aspect of law which requires a lot of attention as it dwells within the society. Criminal litigation is way different from civil litigation as the former rushes to punishment as per the penal law and the latter tries to settle with compensation and dispute resolution. Criminal law demands fine as well as punishment in order to make it more deterrent for the existing criminals in the society. We have a specialized team dealing with such cases where we put in our best of efforts to provide the appropriate relief.